Culturas Trading Company

Culturas Trading Company

Culturas Trading Company believes in and supports the business practice of fair and ethically traded goods.

Culturas Trading Company was started in 1995 by Theresa Lemman and Kymberlie Landgraf because of their love for folk art and interest in helping to preserve the traditional crafts of Mexico. The business was started with a little more than a shoestring, lots of faith, enormous trust and often a little bit of luck.

Culturas has succeeded because of its long term relationships developed with the artisans in both Mexico and India throughout the years.

They have always relied on their talents, skills and knowledge. They in turn have relied on us to develop a consistent market for their products and fair payment for their handicrafts.

In India they work directly with several artisans, as well as purchasing from fair trade co-operatives and suppliers which have received certification for meeting set standards for fair wages and working conditions.

To learn more about fair trade visit or to read an interesting article that defines and compares the theories of fair trade versus free trade.

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