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Raku Pottery Sale!

All Raku Pottery now 20% off listed prices while supply lasts.

These beautiful vases by William K. Turner are truly amazing! Born in Miami, Florida, Mr. Turner received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Florida, where he specialized in raku and salt-glaze firing.

He is one of a few artists in the United States who produce copper matte raku fired ware year-round. He personally pulls every piece from the kiln and inspects each piece of Raku Art before it is signed and dated.

The Copper Matte glaze used is one that he has formulated and worked with for many years. He achieves a wide range of colors and has perfected both light and dark raku finishes. William uses many unique shapes in his line that are the canvas for his Raku Art, painted with fire.

Stop into the Gallery to see these stunning works of art! ... [ more ]

Rosemary Celon-Gordon: Out of the Ordinary

by MICK THEEBS, "ALSO THAT" - I paid the Gilded Lily Gallery a visit and had the chance to speak with the owner and resident artist Rosemary Celon-Gordon. I had a wonderful time sitting among the beautiful works in her gallery and talking about her work.

If you find yourself in southern Connecticut, I absolutely recommend dropping in to her shop for a visit.

MICK: How'd you get your start as an Artist?

ROSEMARY: I've always been into the arts, even as a little kid. I would always dream about being an artist. Professionally, I went to school for architecture. Then, I did shows for like 15 years after I graduated. Then I opened up here ...

I guess that was when I first realized I was an artist, because I started making money. I mean, before that I did, but you know, it wasn't steady. You know the term starving artist? We were all starving artists, believe me.

When I was doing shows, I needed a job, so I worked a steady job for like fifteen years, then I opened the gallery and that was when I realized I was an artist! ... [ more ]

Gilded Lily Gallery: A Labor of Love.

by Kathy Leonard Czepiel, "Daily Nutmeg" - We're standing inside the cozy, colorful, glittering Gilded Lily Gallery in Milford, CT. Packed floor-to-ceiling with paintings, photographs, mosaics, blown glass, jewelry, scarves, pottery, Christmas ornaments and countless other one-of-a-kind gifts.

The gallery wasn't much more than a pipe dream when, 19 years ago, Barry's wife Rosemary Celon-Gordon lost her job with a local supermarket chain that was moving out of state. "Our goal was when we retire, we were going to open up a small gallery somewhere, feature her work, my photography and other local artists," Barry says. With Rosemary's severance pay, an opportunity was suddenly upon them. Both already had experience in retail. Together, they did some research and put together a business plan. "We worked on it, she broke me down and talked me into doing this early," he says. "20 years later, almost, we're still here."

That wasn't a given. The recession of 2008 ushered in several years of uncertainty, and the couple had to adjust. "Before that time, people had expendable cash... so we were selling really a lot of high-end art... and some great artists," Barry says. They had to find a new sweet spot and "not give up on our quality [while] still having something for everybody and every price range." ... [ more ]

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