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Rosemary Celon-Gordon
Hand painted art glass by Rosemary Celon-Gordon.

Always looking to recycle, and using the same paints as she does for her glass paintings

and ornaments.

Rosemary transforms sometimes unwanted or discarded clear glass vases into one of a kind

fully functional decorative vases. [ more ]

Opal Art Glass
Husband and Wife Johnny Camp and Darlene Bushell work together as a team creating a wide variety of hand blown glass, ranging from traditional forms to contemporary styles.

"We find our creative inspirations in the processes of glass blowing and forming, which transports us beyond the day to day."

Their 30 years of expertise as hands on artists, designers, and fabricators have enabled them to achieve intimate works of art, as well as large scale commissions. Glass poses as a seductive medium that continues to excite and inspire them everyday ... [ more ]

Arden Katz
Artist Statement
As a young person, I always loved painting buttercups on tiny white ceramic butter dishes.
I loved working with watercolors and acrylics, always drawing,  creating flowers, animals and people.

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Vines Art Glass
Bryce Dimitruk began creating art from hot and cold glass in 1998 while working at the international recognized Steven Lundberg Art Glass Studio in Santa Cruz, California. During his five years there, Bryce studied under several masters and worked on projects for many nationally renowned galleries and museums.

"Glass is ever changing, never stale for a moment.  Working with glass is exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. I love it. One thing is certain, there is always a bit of me in each creation."

Vines Art Glass is featured in over 100 well-known galleries and museums ... [ more ]

William K. Turner
William Turner  is one of a few artists in the United States who produce copper matte raku fired ware year-round.

He personally pulls every piece from the kiln and inspects each piece of Raku Art before it is signed and dated. The Copper Matte glaze used is one that he has formulated and worked with for many years. He achieves a wide range of colors and has perfected both light and dark raku finishes.

William uses many unique shapes in his line that are the canvas for his Raku Art  ... [ more ]

Glass Forge
The Glass Forge has been using traditional Italian Art Glass techniques to create the wide variety of art you see on this website.

Most of our work is done in a team oriented fashions with a gaffer directing the art being created.

These techniques have been practiced for at least 2000 years ... [ more ]

Ken & Ingrid Hanson
Ken and Ingrid Hanson are a husband and wife glass blowing team who have been working collaboratively for over ten years.

Together they create hand blown art glass that is both unique and contemporary. [ more ]

There are several techniques employed in making cased floral pieces. Colored glass rods and glass millefiori are used to create the distinct flowers that are cased and suspended in molten crystal glass. The crystal glass is then blown and hand-formed into it's final shape. The piece is then polished, signed and given a number for limited edition.

It is important to understand that the color in the piece and the flowers are not painted on with paints. The piece is completely made of glass. We are very proud that we have developed and use all our own colors and glass formulas ... [ more ]

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